How does the SEO Lead Calculator work?

Welcome to our free SEO Lead Calculator! 

This calculator factors in the average Click Through Rate for each keyword position and multiplies it by the Average Monthly Volume for each keyword. The average conversion rate from Traffic to Lead is set to 10% and also factored into the equation. 

SEO Lead Calculator

Estimated Leads per Month:

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This calculator can be used for each keyword within your market to estimate the ROI for your next SEO campaign!

Here are the steps on how to use this calculator: 

  1. Select a keyword and use a free tool like Ahrefs to find the Volume. 
  2. Enter the volume in to the first field. 
  3. Select your desired keyword position OR your current position. 
  4. Click “Calculate Leads” to see the estimated number of leads that you will generate each month. 


*Disclaimer* This calculator does not consider every possible factor that goes into lead generation, but is instead intended  to help investors make educated decision  on their SEO investments. 

What is the Click Through Rate for Each Position?

This data varies a little bit depending on the industry and also changes year-to-year. Here is the 2024 Click Through Rates: 

  1. = 39.8%
  2. = 18.7%
  3. = 10.2%
  4. = 7.2%
  5. = 5.1%
  6. = 4.4%
  7. = 3.0%
  8. = 2.1%
  9. = 1.9%
  10. = 1.6%